How It Works is here to help you improve your financial situation.  We’re committed to connecting customers with loans to cover quick-money needs while helping them build savings at the same time. This combination helps you plan ahead while getting you the money you need now—sometimes on the same day that you apply.†


To help you boost your financial situation, our installment loan provides a savings component. After getting approved, you pay the loan back through a scheduled series of payments. As you pay back your loan, your savings build. This customer savings component is held until you finish your payments—then that money will be transferred to you.


Cash Fast

First, you’ll receive a portion of your loan amount to address your urgent or unexpected financial needs. This could include buying back-to-school supplies, repairing your car after a fender bender, covering unplanned medical bills—or any other expense that needs fast funds. We’ve got you covered.


Build Your Credit reports payments to 1 of 3 major credit bureaus once a month on your behalf. When you make payments as scheduled, that positive payment history information is transmitted to the credit bureau. Once you make your payments as scheduled—or if you pay off the entire loan early—you’ll receive the customer savings component within 15 business daysplus you’ll have had the chance to build your credit!


Step 1:
Apply now

Complete the quick and easy installment loan application and get approved within minutes of submitting your information.†


Step 2:
Get funded

A portion of your cash will be deposited directly into your bank account, and the rest will be placed into a customer savings component that you can monitor through your customer portal.

Step 3:
Build savings & credit

Once you’ve been approved and begin making payments, your payments will be reported and you’ll have the chance to build your credit.

Step 4:
Collect your savings

After you’ve paid off your loan in full, the money in the customer savings component will be transferred to you within 15 business days, allowing you to continue positive steps toward financial well-being.

Become a Customer

In order to apply, you’ll need a few required documents handy:

  Unexpired Driver's License/State ID 
o   Any State
o   Must include photo

Current Bank Statement tied to your direct deposit
o   Checking or Savings
o   Must show 30 days of transactions
Pay Stub (most recent) OR Benefits Letter
(current year)

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