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Get Cash, Build Credit & Grow Savings!SM

Get a Credit Builder Loan Today!


Take the first step toward financial well-being by applying for a credit builder loan from GoCredit.loans.

It’s a quick and easy way to:

  • Get the cash you need now

  • Build your credit

  • ​Establish a customer savings component that will be there for you when you need it

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Cash now, savings
when you need it

These days you’re busier than ever, with so many demands on your time and obligations to meet.

GoCredit.loans is an online financial services company that understands you and delivers exactly what you need.


Four simple steps to help you
improve your financial situation.

 GoCredit.loans makes it easy to get a credit builder loan, allowing you to build credit history and savings.

Step 1:
Apply now

Complete the quick and easy loan application and get approved within minutes of submitting your information.†


Step 2:
Get funded

A portion of your cash will be deposited directly into your bank account, and the rest will be placed into a customer savings component that you can monitor through your customer portal.


Step 3:
Build credit & savings

Once you’ve been approved and begin making payments, your payments will be reported and you’ll have the chance to build your credit history.

Step 4:
Collect your savings

After you’ve paid off your loan in full, the money in the customer savings component will be transferred to you within 15 business days, allowing you to continue positive steps toward financial well-being.


A credit builder loan from GoCredit.loans is an installment loan that delivers what you need today and what you need tomorrow.

You get the cash you need right now to pay bills, meet unexpected expenses or make a big purchase.

And, as you’re making your payments on the loan, you’re building your credit history and your customer savings componenet.

You find yourself improving your financial situation, ready to continue toward greater financial well-being.

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